VC Internship Interviews

So this blog is not going to be a how-to on VC internships, but I've gotten a few questions after my last post on the interview process. I figure if one person is asking, then others must be wondering.

The VC interview process is not structured like many other B School interviews; you won't have to do public math, nor do you normally have to pitch a company (Though having a few ideas of startup companies you like can't hurt.) Instead you'll generally have to walk the person through your resume, and then tell them why you'll be good at VC, and how you can add value. Some guys will come right out and ask tough questions like "Why would an entrepreneur listen to you?" while others will be far more subtle. Either way, you've got to sell them on a couple things:

  • You know the business well enough that you won't waste their time.
  • You can add value. (Either you know a sector they like, or you have operating skills their companies can use.)
  • You're really excited about venture.

The last one seems obvious, but given how short the summer is and how little structure their is inside most firms, you're going to have to be self motivated. If it is just a job to you then (unlike banking) they won't get any good work from you. Remember, most VC's view internships as a waste , you really need to show that you aren't going to use up their most valuable resource: time.

So be ready to tell your story, show some passion, and go out there and get a job. 🙂

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