Track My Life: FitBit

I received my FitBit device last night, and I was quite excited. Basically it is a pedometer that tracks your calorie burn as well as your sleep patterns. It isn't meant to be as in depth and accurate as BodyBugg, but it does seem pretty neat.

The idea is that it is like Google Analytics for your life. (Too geeky for you, fair enough. It is simple tracker to give you some good stats on what you're up to.) Anyway, I ordered mine last summer and I've been patiently waiting for it since it slipped it's deadlines a couple of times. It finally arrived last night, and I must admit I'm conflicted.

See, I like the device and it is clear they are trying to be Apple like in design. But they haven't quite gotten there. For instance the packaging looks like Apples, until you open it. Instead of that elegant feel of clever folding, you get an elegant look but with packaging that is really tricky to put back together. 

The real bummer is that it broke today. The plastic cover came unglued. The team immediately answered my email and they are sending me a new one. (I'll send this one back once I receive it.) And they are paying for shipping, but it certainly does make it feel more like a beta product than a full release. 

The data about my sleep was interesting, 97% efficiency. Take that Evil Monkey in my closet.


I'll post a more in depth review once I've gotten a week or two of usage under my belt and the data that goes with it.

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