Is Zynga the Fastest Growing Tech Company of All Time?

So how fast is the Zynga rocket ship moving? Well, in the race to 50M they are trouncing many old favorites.

Zynga's Timeline

According to IPO Dashboards this could make Zynga the fastest growing tech company ever. (The companies were chosen by market cap, so there may be faster growth companies that ended up going away and thus didn't make the list.)

In the data provided the record is held by Novell which took 3 years to get to
66M (adjusted for inflation). It looks like Zynga blew threw that. By
July 2009 they should have been at 50M, so a full year early. Or, at 40M
they would be have twice as much revenue as Novell did in their second year.

Either way, what is interesting is that speed out of the gate doesn't translate into biggest in the end. Microsoft, for instance, was not a rocket ship.

What does all this mean for Zynga? Probably Nothing. But I thought it was pretty cool.

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