My Virtual Office

I’ll have my people talk to your people and set something up.

I’ve always wanted to say that. And recently a founder and I needed to find time to grab breakfast, so his person consulted my person and a meeting appeared on our calendars.

The wrinkle: we both have the same people.

Enter Super Calendar.  Part human, part software, all awesome for $80 a month.  They will schedule meetings according to your preferences and put them directly on your calendar.

Uber Conference is another service I’ve recently found that I can’t live without.  It makes scheduling conference calls a breeze, and the ability to see who is talking is a feature you didn’t know was necessary until you tried it.

Finally, I used my Fancy Hands team to take this handwritten blog post and transcribe it.  I like to write in my moleskin notebook since it prevents me from getting distracted by the web.  

Fancy Hands makes this process as easy as typing my first draft, but without the distractions of web connectivity. They even found the comic above when I wrote: “<Insert comic about The Internet vs. Term Paper>”.

Now that’s awesome service.



  1. Wow, very cool use of Fancy Hands, I used to always carry around a moleskin notebook, stopped doing it when I started my blog…potentially now inspired to go back. The only question is…will they be able to read my handwriting? I might need to stop writing like a doctor to make it work 🙂

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