Dec 20

My Top Beers of 2020

For the last couple of years I’ve logged almost every beer I’ve had on Untapped. It’s both been a fun way for me to learn more about beer and my own palette. For example, I’ve learned that I particularly like Mosaic hops.

The data also allows me to know what my favorite beers of the past year were. And I thought I’d share the top five for kicks.

Untapped ranks beers with the same score by the number of times you had them, so it probably shouldn’t be surprising that local breweries that I can easily get are over represented. As an example, I actually like Smooth Beats Miami more than DDH Oh, but it’s not as easy to get, so it came in third rather than second.

Anyway, this was just a fun little post to get me started blogging again. See you in the new year.